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Guestbook of The Cave Ep.6

by avatar-Corbin Corbin

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avatar-Corbin Corbin
172 days, 3 hours ago
and i got the idea for the summoning thing from 36e11, but i came up with the NOT gate thing myself.
avatar-Corbin Corbin
172 days, 3 hours ago
the purple respawn color on the bridges is the same trigger as the ghost bull statue, so they never break.
avatar-mostro mostro
172 days, 14 hours ago
Nice platformer, I liked the ghost bull statue :P. +1.
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
173 days, 19 minutes ago
Why the purple repawn color on the bridges? There is no purple bonsai, is there? Anyway, +1
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
173 days, 25 minutes ago
You learned about this effect in 36e11, or you found it yourself? :D
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