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Guestbook of 2000

by avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel

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avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
67 days, 49 minutes ago
see passage areas, or 4e3.
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
67 days, 50 minutes ago
Thats the number you completed, or how can you tell? And keep in mind that some changed being competable/perfectable over time. So you having completed them doesn't mean other can complete them now.
avatar-mostro mostro
67 days, 7 hours ago
There are 1840 completable adventures now below Kryll! :D.
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
74 days, 1 hour ago
PM me how you found out and how you reached it, please. :D
avatar-mostro mostro
74 days, 4 hours ago
Tricky last shuriken. +1.
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