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Below Kryll - platforming in player-made adventures

This game will let you experience a whole world created by other players

Play in a world full of adventures that will keep surprising you

In Below Kryll, anyone is entitled to add their very own content to the official game world. The pieces connect seamlessly and immediately become available for all other players to see. Because of that, Below Kryll offers virtually infinite content that never fails to surprise. Already over 500 player created adventures compose a vast world of amazing wonders. Do you like stories? Perhaps action, or stealth missions? Puzzles and riddles? Adventures are ranked and tagged, allowing each player to browse for their favorite type of gameplay. There is an endless amount of adventures to play, ranging from story-based to puzzles and action and even some that display amazing pixelart or musical compositions of the player which created the adventure.

The game itself is still in beta stages and has a long way to go, but still manages to provide a full and unique experience.

Platforming in a realm created by other people

Below Kryll separates creation from platforming, you can do either, regardless to the other. Upon first login, you'll be faced with a simple 5-phase tutorial, raising you from a baby shinobi into a vicious ronin. At the end of the tutorial you.ll immediately arrive at the vast world of Below Kryll, starting at Takara forest.

When playing and exploring (the default gameplay mode) you navigate Mitsu, the ninja, in a tight platforming experience inspired by great titles like Commander Keen and MegaMan. You character gains experience as you complete adventures and unlocks new skills. Don't know where to go next? The game automagically offers you possible adventures suitable for your character level, and which you have yet to play!

More content is unlocked as you dwell downwards in the world, making sure you'll keep facing new mechanisms and enemies. At floor 10 the environment changes from Takara Forest to the Sapphire Caverns, providing a completely new set of gameplay options.

Join the creativity in an ever growing world!

Are you a creative type? The super simple, but powerful, adventure editor ensures the world can easily grow by anyone in the player community who wishes to do so; You can create your own adventures, and turn them into anything you wish using a built-in 'what you see is what you get' editor. Your adventures will be ranked by the players who explore them, and better ranks for your adventures mean better rewards for you. Rewards will allow unlocking "Epic Items" which are sure to make your adventures more unique, and fun to play!

The super simple, but powerful, adventure editor ensures the world can easily grow by anyone in the player community.

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