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        * Ability to choose a control scheme
** You can now choose your preferred control scheme via the player panel (the button is near the top right)
** Possible control schemes are either the regular ARROWS+E/W (A/S also perform attacks now) or WASD+K/L
** Newly registered players will be asked about their preferred control scheme at the beginning (can always be changed again via the player panel)
** All the interface (NPCs, shrines, activatable items, tutorials, skill descriptions, etc..) will reflect your choice of controls
** Chosen control scheme will be saved (server side)

* New Text FX stantard item
** Add very short text snips to your adventure
** Make them appear anywhere (even on walls!) at any time (can be triggered any number of times)
** Can also make them appear about the player, making for a better objective oriented experience
** Can go up like a collectible announcement, or appear and fade in the same place
** A few ideas for possible usages:
*** "Victory!" above the player after doing something
*** Alternating 'TICK' 'TOCK' above a timer/bomb/clock
*** 'Paf' coming out of chimneys
*** etc..

* Fungoloid nerf: Fungoloid spores will be destroyed when hitting the player (they used to continue normally) 

* Fungoloid nerf: Offsprings of fungoloids will look a bit smaller and have only 2 HP

* Silenced chat rooms will actually be silenced now and not play an SFX on new messages

* Silenced chat rooms will now show a counter on the hud that will grow for each message you miss
* BUG: the 'Below Kryll' title in the preloader can be cut if the window is too small 
* BUG: when the map is zoomed out in Mitsu's story, it lets you wonder into the void
* BUG: POI shows in the teaser image
* BUG: Quest NPC dialog could get 'entangled' with another dialog if activated at the same time
* BUG: Mobs (rarely) remain white after getting hit rapidly

Published 26/04/14


        * Improved initial player experience
** Brand new tutorials leading eventually to Mitsu's story and then to the free exploration part

* New character sheet - now called 'player panel'
** Access it by pressing 'C' or 'P'
** Gathers all the needed info for players about skills, account, quests and play modes
** Related tutorials were changed to work with the new panel

* BUG FIX: Completing one of the offered quests, and not choosing the quest before that, would visually show a bugged out quest panel.

Published 15/04/14


        * New death popup!
** Will show fast and not make you wait
** Counts the times you died in the current area you play - this resets when leaving the area
** Shows a quick replay of what caused your demise
* Big XP changes
** No level limit for players
** Starting level 10, leveling up will require the same amount of XP as level 10
** All the existing player's levels were changed according to the new formula
* Added player level to the chat

Published 24/03/14


        * Login touchups
 - Full screen question at the start
 - Better visibility to the registration fields
 - Bigger and more obvious login/register button
 - MOTD will not appear until you are ready to login
 - Login background will not be the tutorial area anymore, it will random between two scenery areas, forest and caverns
* Full screen interactive popup will now block the game and will stand out more
* Removed the quest combo from quests (it was actually counter productive, making players get stuck in one adventure instead of freely exploring the other adventures as well without panelty, except a small fee)
* BUG: If you have an express log set to pause at corner then link it to a giant bonsai, it will no longer pause at corners after the player respawns at that bonsai - fixed
* BUG: Quest selection would show as empty if you had it open and walked into a different area

Published 16/03/14


        * WIP epic item
 - Get it for 1 trophy
 - if you put this item in your area, your area turns into 'under construction' - not letting players walk into it
 - players who already finished the area, yourself, or players who has other means to get into the area (like teleport to quest) will still be able to play it
 - WIP areas will not be given as quests (though potentially someone can have a WIP as quest if he already chose it before it was WIP)
 - WIP areas will show that they are WIP in the map, but also show their name, teaser image, tags and rank if any.
 - To remove the WIP status of your area, just delete the item and republish
* BUG: DFA is possible if you fire an air kunai - fixed

Published 08/03/14


        * Mitsu's story now has an intro of 5 areas, helping new players around
* BUG: Death from above can execute from air flurry if you don't have it unlocked - fixed
* BUG: Stunning a creature, and then respawning it will make that creature harmless to mitsu (definitely cool, but a bug) - fixed
* BUG: Don't show world map 'here i am' marker if this is sandbox mode - fixed
* BUG: Halcyons have weird shadows in the editor - fixed
* BUG: Halcyons only summon/respawn in the editor - fixed
* ISSUE: Deterministic random got far less random the farther you got from the center of the world - fixed
* Walking backwards while attacking now changed to mitsu turning and attacking

Published 04/03/14


        * added shortcut keys (0-5) for choosing colors for item respawns
* mitsu's spinning head anim for the mitsu cursor in the map
* editor properties page will now fade normally and not rotate
* story/free-exploration buttons are now much more radio buttons then they used to be
* moved the cabin tileset on top of the other tilesets
* BUG: platform remembers it was activated with a trigger even after respawn - fixed
* BUG: bonon (and potentially other creatures) remain white after respawn - fixed
* BUG: you couldn't talk to quest NPC for the second time if you didn't stand on solid terrain - fixed
* BUG: Mooks would be considered dead (and would actually be in some monster limbo) if they started facing left - fixed

Published 23/02/14


        * add adventure 'rank' to the teaser in the map
* respawn support!
 - creatures, platforms, and many items (those that can move or be destroyed) can now be linked to spawn points
 - choose the color of the item's respawn aura, and the same color for the respawn point to link them
 - once linked, if the player uses the spawn point (teleport/heal/revive) any linked item will also respawn when it was first created
 - if an item cannot respawn because something is in the way, it will not respawn
 - items don't need to be 'dead' to respawn - they can respawn at any time
* Summon epic item!
 - the Summon epic item works based on the respawn colors of items/creatures
 - set the Summon color to the color of the group of items you wish to 'Summon'
 - when the player enters the area, the items that were marked as Summon items will not appear at all
 - once the Summon trigger is triggered, all the Summon colored items will spawn where they were created in the editor
 - Summon works on anything that respawn works on (creatures, platforms, movable blocks, log bridges, etc...)
* added a few new backgrounds to the urban color set
* mark the ongoing quest on the world map
* ISSUE: shaking the screen near the edges may show some blank - fixed
* BUG: talking to npc + start race at the same time = crush - fixed
* BUG: 'new' in updates is over the quest update
* the map will show a marker where the real mitsu is currently
* the map will show a marker where the teleport destination will be, it will follow the cursor where it can
* the map looks a bit different (colors) in story and exploration mode
* the original entrances for all the player creations in the world are now clearly marked, also shows in the editor
* hitting mobs will micro-pause the game to make successful hits 'feel' better

Published 20/02/14


        * Mitsu's story
 - The 'real world' was renamed 'free exploration mode' now
 - Upper kryll was turned into 'Mitsu's Story' - it is not ready yet, but will include adventures that unfold one big adventure of Mitsu
 - To advance in this story mode, one needs to collect divine crystals in order to overcome barriers on the way
* The quest for the divine crystals!
 - Players get target adventures to complete, as they collect divine crystals and XP/Glory for rewards
 - Divine crystal quests are always available, and you may change your current quest (at a price) to get a new one
 - You have a combo building as long as you don't change quests and finish the ones you chose, larger combo = more XP and glory
 - You need divine crystals to open barriers in Mitsu's Story
 - The caverns grant 2 crystals per adventure, while the forest only grants 1
* Map changes
 - The address of the current location, and the search bar are in the same place now
 - The zoom button moved to the buttom
 - The 'book' icon is Mitsu's story, while the world icon is 'free exploration mode'
* Tutorial changes
 - Players are introduced much smoother into the game now, while tasting a bit of upper kryll, a bit exploration, and the first quest in one row
 - Keys and tutorials in general are more visible now and easier to understand

Published 07/02/14


        * BUG: inventory opens in the login screen
* drop from high places will shake the screen a bit (with mitsu)
* BUG: 'general' chat button shows if you restart the tutorial 
* New option in settings - the game can be stretched to fit the window regardless of perfect pixel size (looks worse, but bigger)
* Areas are now adventures
* easier for mitsu to stop now (from running too)
* more improvement to mitsu's air attacks:
 - full horizontal movement control while in air attacks
 - running is integrated into the air attacks as well - if you air attack while running, you can land and continue running
 - air attacks will prevent mitsu from going too close to enemies and get hit

Published 25/01/14


        * chat makes a sound only if someone writes something, not if someone joins/leaves
* sword sfx's changed a lot now
* a more pronounced sfx and visual slash when hitting a decoration

Published 19/01/14


        * random decorations slashing / gibbing
 - from little mushrooms, to cavern crystals, to little critters - almost everyhing is destructable :)
 - gibs stay forever, naturally

Published 18/01/14


        * make password/confirm password appear together on register
* Point of interest item
* major redesign to the tutorial and first upper kryll areas
* several action enhancements:
 - gibs of most creatures/items stay indefinitely (well, until restart)
 - the screen shakes a bit when landing attacks on enemies, and when getting hit
 - very short slow-mo when you die
 - random small and large explotions when things gib out 
 - tiny (barely noticable) pauses when hitting mobs, pronouncing the attacks a bit more
 - shake the screen on block drops (toad, bull, halcyon, totem) large items cause harder shake

Published 18/01/14


        * explain the wrath on floor 2 better - add banner when in a deep floor then you can be at

* registration page:
 - first only nickname, then the rest one by one
 - enter acts like tab (passes between things)
 - enter on email (or password if on normal login) = login

* tags to show:
 - limit number of tags shown based on number of taggers:
   * 1-2 taggers = 3 tags of 1 star and up
   * 3-4 taggers = 4 tags of 1 stars and up
   * >5 taggers  = minimum 2 tags, maximum 5 tags of 2 stars and up
* ISSUE: greenlight on login screen is too click happy
* make DFA much more spammable (on the rebound)

* ISSUE: updates space on the top at laptop fullscreen...

* BUG: teaser image shows in edit-play mode

* ISSUE: remove mitsu from the teaser image you set in the editor

* until level 2, show 'a good starting place' on the base floor above starter maps

* show preview images on base floor "go down here" signs, and on portals

* air attacks are now available from the start, however, they will not suspend you in air and will have a -much- longer cooldown,
  the air attack skill (unlocked at level 4) will now unlock the full potential of the air attacks, suspending you in air and also
  increasing their speed by a lot
* air attacks that do not hit any mob will turn into backflips

* be able to move a bit while performing normal attacks on the ground - moving will never let you get hit (if you walk into something
  you will keep a safe distance from it). Moving while performing standing attacks can also be done backwards, and you will continue
  attacking the same direction while backing up.

* air and ground attacks have soft trails (barely seen)

* many tutorials cannot be dismissed now, and show and hide as they need without interrupting the player

* the tutorials that need to be dismissed have a pulsing red X on them (and can also be dismissed by pressing X)

* the first tutorial of the game (the entire areas) are very different and cool.  

Published 09/01/14


        * A few teaser image fixes
* map browsing is much smoother now, both in the zoomed in and zoomed out modes
 - smoother scrolling, the cursor is always in the middle
 - better loading, you will see 'loading' areas far less now
* map area teaser popup
 - if the map's cursor is on a real world area (not base floor) after a second or so it will show a popup
 - the popup will show the teaser image of the area, and the tags set for it
 - you can close this teaser popup by pressing X (keyboard or button)

Published 02/01/14


        * teaser images!
 - creators can now set the teaser images for their areas that will be shown on the site and when sharing their areas
* tutorials now have titles
* BUG: Jumping to a full address while in upper kryll would not position the map right
* ISSUE: reversed the V icon of the epic purchase confirmation
* show only 5 tags max for areas when entering it

Published 30/12/13


        * local chat now shows the short notation address for the area you just entered
* map go-to address is much better 
 - gets full address if wanted (such as 4e5)
 - starting to write numbers will instantly focus on the search box, no need for mouse
 - pressing enter to find the address goes to the address and removed focus from the search box
* players cannot leave the first area of upper kryll until they are at least level 2
* BUG: player would shake after going back into editing mode right after getting hit

Published 22/12/13


        * BUG: Mitsu would turn white for a while under certain conditions
* Mitsu will not get invincibility after getting hit by a barrel
* Mitsu's invincibility is a couple of frames shorter, making avoiding spikes by jumping impossible

Published 16/12/13


        * The map will now show how much gold you will gain when completing areas
* Gold rewards for map completions now grow as you go deeper (that bonus is on top of the existing player level bonus)
* Player who finish unranked areas will gain double the gold!
* BUG: sandbox icon is out of the screen if the game is too wide-screen
* Mitsu is now invincible 0.5 sec after getting hit. insta-kill situations are not effected by this.
* /r in the chat now replies to the last private message your received
* BUG: player would keep shaking in the editor if hit very close to going back to edit

Published 16/12/13


        (due to the Beta release and a lot of other things we handled in the past couple of weeks, there were no updates)

* sandbox mode!
 - get into sandbox mode from the map, while the cursor is on any player made floor
 - sandbox mode will let you play with the editor for free, and have the same items/skills of the selected floor
* player/mobs have extra pazaz when hit (blink, shake, gib)
* trial players can now create areas! only from floor 2 and downwards.
* hold tab while editing to stop random decorations from appearing
* bg drawing brushes are now bigger (1x1, 3x3, 5x5) and have been optimized immensly to work really smooth
* BUG: under weird cases, you would be able to write a name that is too long for your area
* ISSUE: mushrooms and ectocubes managed to bounce things that didn't touch them, under certain conditions
* FIX: gold amount doesnt go down right away when you buy a new area (visual only)

Published 13/12/13
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