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Team Krylls's Privacy Policy

You can rest assured that your privacy is our utmost concern. You are encouraged to contact us for any questions, concerns, or comments.


To date, Team Kryll has no intention of working with or collaborating with any advertising services. Your account details are not given away to anyone.

Use of E-Mail address

E-Mail addresses are required for resetting a lost password and for sending confirmation E-Mails during purchases. You may choose to receive additional E-Mail notifications (i.e. Draft expiry warnings and more), which are turned off by default, via your profile page in the website. You may receive occasional e-mails from the administration regarding your account or important changes; examples: to receive a purchased key, regarding changes to the privacy policy or legal page, etc.

Purchase information

To date, Team Kryll accepts payments via PayPal. When a purchase occures, Team Kryll will store whatever information PayPal conveys regarding the purchase; Such information will be kept confidential by Team Kryll.

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