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About us

Team Kryll is an ambitious group of developers, all highly trained and experienced in coding, networking and, most of all, gaming.

We aim to create a game that will always surprise, impress, and inspire everyone who play it.

Below Kryll is a first-of-a-kind platformer, allowing anyone to embed an adventure in the world, be it story, action, or even pixel art or music.

Team Members

avatar-renboy Oren Bartal

Lead Game Designer and Client Developer

A veteran game developer, with past creations such as Temporal, Prompt Quest and various facebook gaming apps, Oren re-defines, in the better sense, what efficient-programming actually is.
avatar-smackware Lital Natan

Co-game designer, Lead Artist, Musician and Server-Side Developer

An experienced developer and operations manager; Lital has all the XP and knowledge for creating large-scale network and web services. In addition, an over-10-year music-composing experience inspires Below Kryll's background music.
avatar-gregie156 Gregory Beyer

Co-game designer, 3D Modeler & Animator, and Website Developer

A, much talented, 3d modeler and animator, high statistical capabilities, web development skills, a strong sense of math and deep understanding of gaming and gamers, Gregory is a walking encyclopedia of information.
avatar-phyro David Coelho

Co-game designer, 3D Animator and System administrator

Veteran system administrator and integrator, and novice, but talented, 3d animator, David knows how to manage large scale networks. Servers and services purr at his feet.

Team Kryll extends its respect and thanks to the following alpha testers

Sorted by date of registration
  • avatarKevin - For that very first player-made adventure
  • avatarJermEx - The voice of Below Kryll
  • avatarzubit - For sharing with us the Secrets Of The Universe
  • avatarfervour - For the inspiring adventures that helped the world grow so much
  • avatarArtixBot - For making Captain Bum's tunnel tower, and many other skill challenges
  • avatarGors - For pushing the limits of creativity, showing us nothing is impossible
  • avatarCharem - For the quests, stories and art
  • avatarIkami - For adding so much charm into the world
  • avatarSonix - For coloring the beta world with beautiful art
  • avatarGuan - For the surrealism you've brought with you
  • avatarAldershot - For the videos and reviews