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Some thoughts on where we are and where we are headed

Sept. 13, 2013, 10:54 p.m.

We started the alpha two months ago, in order to have players try out what we are doing.
Feedback from the alpha testers has helped us immeasurably in shaping the game. Be it finding rough edges that need polishing, creating new gameplay, or making big picture desicions. We have been fortunate in that the alpha created a community of some very fun and creative people. This will help to kick off the wider community, later on, when we are ready to introduce more players.

There are still a couple of thing we want to do before the core of the game is ready. There are a few key concepts we want to add, and some infrustructure we need to set up. We are focusing on making the game more integrated with the community and adding some key gameplay changing items.

We are hoping to have most of it ready pretty soon. Once we are done with that, we'll launch the third alpha version. We plan to keep the existing world, instead of starting from scratch. We plan to have it on a much larger scale, and the existing world will give the first newcomers in the next phase something to live up to

I'm sorry... I don't think we've met...

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