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Below Kryll goes into public beta

Dec. 1, 2013, 12:16 a.m.

We are happy to announce that Below Kryll is now going public with an open beta. We expect things to get a little more crowded now. We are excited to see how the game, and the community grow and develop.

We would like to thank our alpha players

Certainly, the alpha players have laid the ground. They have created an amazingly rich and varied world for the new arrivals to explore. A world full of character and the feel of a personal touch in every corner.
As importantly, they have set a mood and a friendly community.
The core group of alpha players accounts are unlocked, and they have immediate access to the full game.
When new players arrive, we know they will find a place in Below Kryll!

What's next for Below Kryll

As soon as we make sure all the beta features are working properly, we will start promoting the game. We will gradually increase the player population while carefully balancing, working out any issues, and expanding the game.
Below Kryll is already a great game. But it is still in beta. Right now it's about two thirds of the way towards where we want it to be for the full release. We have some pretty cool stuff planned for when the beta phase is in full gear!

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