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introducing Events and Glory

Sept. 21, 2013, 11:56 p.m.

This week's version has us very excited. Awesome, game-changing stuff!


You know how you have awesome skillz and you can complete all the hardest areas and get all the pickups, yet no one knows but you?
Now others can see how glorious you really are! You get glory for completing game goals: Completing areas, winning events, getting all pickups, and leveling up.
Find out more in your character sheets!

Existing players will be awarded the glory they are due for their past activities in the next minor patch.

Race Events

Compete with others! Set records! Win prizes!
This is the first type of event in the game. Area creators set up a race in their area by placing a special starting point item.
This is how it works: When a player registers to the race, the event will start.
For a period of twenty four hours, the event will be active. Active events are marked on the world map, and other players can register and compete too. When the event ends, results are declared, and a winner is pronounced!
Whoever had the best score will get a prize consisting of everlasting glory, and every one else's registration fees.

Another neat additon - whenever you are running a race, you will be competing against a ghost of yourself from your best bout in the event; You'll be competing toe to toe with what you did in your personal record!

Below Kryll doesn't condone the use of perfomance enhancing substances in sporting competitions.

Other Minor Changes

* Fixed fonts in the gustbook and chat to make emoticons look better :)
* Triggers are now case insensitive

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