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The Creation Crusade continues

Dec. 16, 2013, 1:47 a.m.

Creators' Crusade is going strong -- players are creating new areas all throughout Kryll.
Many of them are already highly ranked by the community!

To encourage everyone to explore the new areas, we are introducing a X2 Unranked Bonus to gold when completing them.

A balance change - Mitsu will now have a short bout of invincibility whenever he is hurt.

Creator's Crusade Update

Shiny new areas are glittering all over Kryll, as the Creator's Crusade continues throughout the week.
When it's concluded, the best areas will be awarded with full game keys.
A quick look at some of the noteworthy areas that players have created in the cursade so far:

nftyw's Don't Get Smashed at 30e1.

Manuver through some creative platforming challanges, and the occasional smashing.

Phillip's Split earth at 12w3.

Help Harair slay the mythical beast while visiting locations such as the Temple of Striking and the oddly named Casle Ch-..

Update to the gold rewarded for completing areas

Deeper areas will now grant more gold for players completing them.
Areas you haven't completed will now show how much gold you could potentially get for completing them.

Unranked areas will give a X2 Unranked Bonus multiplier to gold earned.

Tougher to overwhelm

Mitsu will now become invincible for half a second whenever he takes damage.
This is to make large scale combat more manageable.

Streamlining inter-personal communication

When someone sends you a private message, responding now is easy with a simple /r.

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