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Exploring has never been so enticing

Jan. 11, 2014, 1:10 a.m.

The last few weeks we have largely focused on making the exploration experience smoother and more fun. Areas now have preview panes that displays a teaser image, and suggest what kind of experience the area would provide.

Improved map search

With the world getting bigger and bigger, it can take some scrolling to get to a particular area.
With the map open, just start typing the address. It will appear in the search box. Once done, pressing enter will focus the map on the address.

Area Preview

Areas now have an integrated preview pane. It makes browsing the world map feel like window shopping.

The preview pane helps you pick an area to your liking

Teaser Image

Area creators now get to pick a part of their area to be displayed as the area’s teaser image. A dominant part of the preview pane, the teaser image will be shown to players viewing the area in the game or in the website.
This adds more of a personal touch to the area’s preview, and help the creators show what his area is about.

Crowd Forged Tagging

Players can tag areas, to easily classify them.

Picking tags is fun!
The area’s tags are displayed in the preview pane and in the site. Tags will help denominate areas’ genre, and understand what kind of experience they provide. With such a multitude of areas, this will greatly help find the areas they would enjoy playing.

Friendlier to new players

Some more offensive ability right off the bat - it’s now possible to perform basic air attacks at level 1. However, they will not suspend you in air and will have a very long cooldown until you unlock the Air Attack skill at level 4. The tutorial has been further improved. Below Kryll is now even easier to pick up.

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