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Urban Chatting

Nov. 14, 2013, 2:29 a.m.

A huge rethinking of the chat to support large numbers of players has now been released!

First of all, while the chat is open, the rooms will show only things that happened in that room.
meaning that you will not be confused by seeing all the chats combined in one place.
Simply use the TAB (or shift+TAB) to switch between rooms, and never write things in the wrong room again!

You will now see how many players are in each room (including the local area chat)
This will update as players come and go, and you will also see who joins and leaves in all the chat rooms easily.

The area channel only has a single user -- yourself.
The unselected General channel has 4 users. It's flashing, which means it has new activity

To make things more convenient, while the chat is open, rooms that have new unread chats in them will blink until you tab into that room,
easily letting you see what you missed while you were AFK.

And the big change is the chat rooms themselves - press the "+" button to open the new room list panel!
In this panel, you can easily see what chat rooms are active, and how many players are in each - and join them with a press of a button!

If you are brave enough, create your own public chat room - name it, give it a topic - and even set up a custom icon for it!
It will be listed for others to join. You will be able to change the topic and icon whenever you wish.

Private rooms remain the same. Use the new room list panel to join a private room. It will not be listed in the room list.
Invite others to the room, and you can have your own private chat.
Private rooms will also show who joins and leaves, so you can easily see who is with you in the room at any given time.

New enviroment pallets

We have expanded the area creators' toolset with two new art pallets - Nature and Urban
Create a remote Japanese village vibe with the nature pallet's bamboo walls.
They also make pretty good sign poles.
The urban pallet is great for enhancing your town areas. It some lovely red brick walls, some windows, and a white picket fence.
By playing with the amount of windows you place on walls, you can create very different atmospheres. Barren industrial buildings, or friendly village cottages.

Sticky Labels

Can be used as road signs or ominous warnings... or whatever other short message you'd like to have hanging in you area.
Optionally, you can turn them into arrows, pointing in either direction. You can even hang them vertically!
Since they look so nice, you might want to use them for their own aesthetic value -- and leave them blank

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