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Guestbook of Invade the castle!

by avatar-Lunar Lunar

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avatar-Lunar Lunar
145 days, 7 hours ago
Yeah I just realised adding a checkpoint for a reset would be super easy, my b that i didn't pick up on that earlier. You can now leave the castle to reset the alarm.
avatar-jus jus
152 days, 5 hours ago
i agree with scheu ...
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
159 days, 12 hours ago
The difficulty would be alright if being spotted wouldnt require complete restart of the adventure. Its the combination of both that makes it bothersome. I gave a +1 anyway, but think it should be enhanced a bit.
avatar-mostro mostro
160 days, 4 hours ago
Pretty good adventure. While it took me a few retries, I don't think it is too hard or time consuming as Scheuchevogel implies. +1.
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
160 days, 12 hours ago
Also, you should give an indication of something bad happening (like the shuriken being locked away) when it happens. There is no indication whatsoever. I like the fake shuriken, btw. :)
avatar-Scheuchevogel Scheuchevogel
160 days, 12 hours ago
Missing shuriken 1, I guess because I got spotted. But to be honest the adventure is too hard / time intensive to completely replay it upon being spotted. :(
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