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Getting ready for public beta

Nov. 25, 2013, 12:51 a.m.

Gors' amazing Evangelion homage area

Game trial mode, site polishes before going to the beta, player instant scribbles - read all about it!

About The Beta Preparation

Now that the game has most of the core features we wanted, it's almost time! We've been hard at work these past few weeks, getting everything ready. We did a lot of administrative work, and a major site redesign. We have added game features to facilitate a lot of players, and we fine tuned the servers to make sure they can take the load.
We have a tiny bit of PR and design left to do, and the beta should be out very soon.

Purchasing Below Kryll

Starting from the beta, players will begin the game in trial mode. Players need to unlock the game, either by purchasing it through the site, or with a key. Keys will also be purchasable from the site, and can be bought as a gift to let a friend unlock their account. Trial accounts will always allow you to play normally, except for the following differences:
  • Trial accounts are level capped at level 3.
  • Trial accounts are barred from creating areas. Though they can use the editor in a sand box mode.
  • When a player with a trial account +1’s an area, it won’t be counted towards the area’s rank and won’t grant any rewards to the area’s creator. If the player later unlocks his accounts, all of his +1’s will come into effect, adjusting ranks and granting rewards to creators.
  • Players with trial accounts won’t be able to create public chat rooms, and they won’t have access to the new scribble feature.
We will thank dedicated alpha testers by inviting them to the beta with complementary keys.

Scribbling With Friends

You can now draw on the game as if it were a whiteboard. As soon as you finish your doodle, closeby players will see it. Discuss gameplay tricks and strategy, or make funny sketches to make everyone giggle. To start drawing while playing, simply hold the SHIFT!
To prevent abuse, we have limited players in how much they can draw, and added a small cooldown.

Website Redesign

We now have a system for reporting bugs or offensive behaviour. It’s accessible through the site’s footer, or with the report button in the game.

The site as a whole has been given a touch-up, and now looks much nicer.

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